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Protecting patient privacy is one of our highest priorities.

While GRH is a public building, we ask that you respect the privacy of those around you.

All photos, video, or audio at GRH must be taken with the consent of the people who will be included in the picture, video or sound. You cannot take photos or recordings without that consent.

A written consent may be required; please speak to a member of your care team.

Do not take pictures in public spaces. To protect the privacy of all of those we serve, you may be asked to delete any photo or video content taken without permission.

You may be asked to stop taking a photo, video or audio recording and delete any recordings taken if your actions interfere with care or services being provided

For any questions, contact the privacy and access office at 519-749-4275 or a member of the communications team at either 519-749-4300 extensions 2788 or 2986.