Posted: April 13, 2016
A photo of the outside of GRH's KW Campus parking garage

GRH is investing in the KW Campus parking garage, with several upgrades now taking place.

Recently, we started work to rehabilitate the stairwells in the garage. For more than a month, the stair tower closest to GRH's cancer centre has been closed. It re-opens as of Thursday April 14th.

Crews will then move over to the centre stair tower. They'll replace stairs, sandblast and paint throughout the tower.

When you park in the KW Campus garage, please keep the following in mind:
  • The elevator in the centre tower will remain open and available through the repairs. Direct access to it is from levels one, three, five and seven. So if you have an accessibility need, please make sure you park on the odd-numbered levels; and
  • While the centre stair tower is unavailable, other stair towers are available to get to all garage levels: 
    • If you're parking on the odd levels, you can use the stair tower closest to King Street. 
    • If you're parking on the even levels, you can use the staircase closest to GRH's cancer centre.

Funding from parking fees supports upgrades to our parking services. Last year, we completed extensive renovations to maintain the concrete and steel structure of the garage. We also recently replaced the garage elevator.


Discount parking available

GRH offers discount parking for patients and families who may have longer stays in the hospital.

Find out more about parking discounts.