The mission

The Integrated Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at St. Mary’s General and Grand River Hospitals provides reliable and timely diagnostic information to enable clinical decision makers in optimizing the care of their patients.

This is achieved through compassionate patient interactions, team empowerment, and collaboration with our hospital and community partners. Through understanding the internal art of the possible as the laboratory landscape and best practices evolve, we will elevate innovation in our profession.

The vision

The vision has an internal and external meaning.

For our clients (external) we will do all we can to provide the quality information the clinicians, patients and hospital partners require to take the next steps along the care path.

We will not be the delay.

For our team (internal) we will work to ensure that we have the information, training, and clarity required to do our best work every day. We will not wait for a ‘right time’ to empower and recognize each other.

We will stop and do the right thing in the moment.


Our Laboratory Services are accredited through Accreditation Canada Diagnostics and maintain a certificate of competence for over 500 accreditation requirements based on ISO 15189. This accreditation process supplements the Ministry of Health’s Laboratory License and is mandatory for all medical laboratories in Ontario. The laboratory also participates in hospital Accreditation through Accreditation Canada.