Below you will find information on how to become a patient through the RAC Low Back pain clinic.

Am I eligible?

The program is for people who are over the age of 18 and have had low back pain and/or related leg symptoms (e.g., leg pain, numbness and/or tingling) for at least 6 weeks, but not longer than one year.

Patients with the following conditions are not candidates for the program:

  • Long-standing low back conditions (greater than 12 months in a row of low back pain with no relief)
  • Pain that is a result of an accident where the injury is covered under an insurance claim (for example, motor vehicle accident or workplace injury)
  • Pregnant or within 12 months after childbirth
  • Conditions that require urgent or emergency care

Please speak to your primary care provider who will be able to determine if your condition meets the program criteria.

I am eligible. How do I enroll?

Please contact your primary care provider (family physician) to be referred to the program.

Already referred?

Please complete the Patient Intake Form [link to form] before your appointment.

Exercise Videos

To access the low back pain exercise videos please click here

Patient Intake Form

To optimize your time with your Advance Practice Provider, we recommend that you download and complete the Patient Intake Form prior to your first appointment.

Want to know more about this program? Click here to learn more.