Posted: March 14, 2016
Betty South 2

Congratulations to GRH Freeport Campus volunteer Betty South on her 90th birthday today!

What's more, Betty has volunteered at Freeport for an astounding 38 years and five months , for a total of 17,817.5 hours. That’s almost what a full time employee would contribute after eight-and-a-half years of work!  

A self-styled "get it done" person, Betty has provided services in the gift shop, in conducting tours, as a membership coordinator for the former Freeport Hospital Auxiliary, and as the editor of Freeport's former newsletter.

"I want to just do the best I can. I believe in helping out," she explains.

Nowadays, Betty delivers flowers to new admissions, keeps the communication boards updated, as well as keeping the patient library at Freeport looking neat and tidy.

Betty has these words of advice for potential volunteers: "They'd be wonderful at it if they just gave it a try!"

Many happy returns Betty, and thank you for your tremendous service to Waterloo Region patients at Freeport!

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