Posted: February 14, 2016

Have you been called about donating money for or buying an ad in an activity book for a hospitalized child? Sorry, we don't accept them at GRH.

We know that local businesses get calls from book publishers asking for money either to give or advertise in activity books that allegedly go to kids at GRH. Some of these include the Hospital Activity Book for Children or the Healing Hands Busy Book.  

We have no partnerships with any of these publishers. That's why GRH does not order, accept shipments or distributes hospital activity books from any external publishers. We even send them back to the publishers if they arrive.

We have a great group of child life specialists who are experts in providing education and support for children receiving care. We’re able to provide our own colouring books.

If you want to show your support in a way that truly helps a hospitalized child or their family, please consider a gift to the GRH Foundation (link opens in a new window). Donor dollars go to equipment and patient care needs that improve health and quality of life for our youngest patients. To learn more go to or give the foundation a call at 519-749-4205.