Posted: October 13, 2016
Claire Birrell Portrait

Claire Birrell has earned the respect of staff and patients in Grand River Hospital’s inpatient surgery unit.

Claire has won the hospital’s award of excellence for October.

Claire is a 16 year veteran at GRH. She is currently a resource nurse in inpatient surgery, providing leadership to support patient care.

Claire’s nominator pointed to how she fulfills the values of Grand River Hospital...

Compassion: Claire goes above and beyond for every single patient of the floor and the nurses working that day.

Collaboration: Claire works well with all multi-disciplinary teams. She works with others to make the day flow well with bed booking and assigning patients appropriately to nurses.

Positive attitude: Claire is always organizing fun evenings for nurses to get together outside of work. If the unit is having a busy day, Claire will buy the staff butter tarts or Twix bars!

Professionalism: Clairetakes her role as mentor and role model to her staff and students very seriously. She is a friendly leader.

Respect: Claire is very respectful to all staff members and to patients along with family members. ­She is a good listener and never judges. 

Her nominator added, “Claire truly loves being a nurse on the inpatient surgical unit. She is fun, knowledgeable but yet firm in her beliefs and does not allow anyone to walk all over her. She is very respected by her peers. When I walk on the floor and I see Claire sitting in the resource nurse’s chair, I know it will be a good day!”

Congratulations Claire and thank you for your service to patients, families and care providers.

Claire Birrell Group Photo
Claire's inpatient surgery colleagues celebrate her award of excellence win