Posted: March 2, 2016
Representatives from HR departments at GRH
Representatives from human resources at GRH

A hospital can be a small city. While patients will deal with front-line care providers, there is a whole network of people and programs to provide behind-the-scenes support.

One such group is GRH's human resources department. It's a diverse group touching all parts of the hospital. HR staff in the hospital were honoured with the hospital's team award of excellence for March 2016.

Some of the many functions for which the HR group is responsible include (but are not limited to):

  • Recruiting and retaining top health professionals;
  • Supporting our volunteer services;
  • Maintaining relations with our bargaining associations;
  • Upholding workplace health and safety;
  • Supporting on-going training and growth for staff;
  • Coordinating compensation and benefits for GRH's people; and
  • Scheduling across the hospital's two main campuses and satellite locations.

A great hospital requires a strong HR department. We're fortunate to have a very strong HR group at Grand River Hospital!