Posted: June 1, 2017

GRH is proud to be a tobacco-free hospital as of April 2013. Patients, visitors and staff are not allowed to smoke anywhere on hospital property; this includes any of the sidewalks on hospital property (until you reach the street), the parking garage and inside your vehicle (when on hospital property).

For advice to quit smoking, please:

  • Speak with your care provider if you're a patient;
  • Visit our Health Care Centre Pharmacy at the KW Campus if you're a family member or friend of a patient;
  • Call the Smokers' Helpline at 1-877-513-1333 or visit the Smokers' Helpline website (opens in a new window).

Johnson & Johnson prepared a video that shows why quitting smoking is so beneficial, especially if you are a patient in a hospital. Please watch the video below:

Staying smoke-free in hospital

The Grand River Regional Cancer Centre's tobacco cessation nurse, Kelly Cronin, was featured in a Cancer Care Ontario video on cancer patients who quit smoking and the benefits it can have for treatment. Please watch the video below:

It's never too late to quit smoking!