Posted: October 19, 2018

Innovation in action: GRH's new faster and greener disinfection process for ultrasound probes.

New technology will help Grand River Hospital’s medical device reprocessing department to maintain high-quality care while saving hundreds of hours every year in disinfecting probes used in ultrasound exams.

The department has launched trophon ® EPR high-level disinfection units for ultrasound probes. GRH’s medical imaging services uses 7,000 ultrasound probes every year, while other areas of the hospital also make use of ultrasound technology.

The trophon ® units combined with other process changes cut the time to clean and disinfect the probes from 16 minutes to 10 minutes. For just medical imaging’s probes, this represents an amazing 700 hours of processing time saved every year.

The new disinfection process is also more environmentally friendly as the trophon ® unit does not use harsh chemicals. The only byproduct is a drop of water.

GRH bought the new equipment, renovated a handling room and revamped processes through a $140,000 project.

GRH counts on the skills of 26 exceptional medical device reprocessing technicians. Each year, they prepare instruments for 9,500 surgical procedures, 2,800 minor outpatient visits, 7,800 endoscopic procedures, and more than 4,200 childbirth deliveries.

By adopting new and better technology like the new trophon ® units in medical device reprocessing, Grand River Hospital can advance exceptional care, maintain top standards and improve efficiency.

Thank you to departmental staff, infection control professionals, capital planning staff, purchasing officials, facilities staff and many others who helped make this innovation a reality.