Posted: July 12, 2019

Diana Brodrecht, team lead of MRI, has won GRH’s latest award of excellence for her exceptional leadership qualities demonstrated on a daily basis to both colleagues and patients.

Her colleagues had many great examples of her exceptional care and how she meets GRH’s values every day:

Diana and her co-workers
  • Diana does her utmost to make patients comfortable, welcome and supported in the MRI suite.
  • Diana was invited to speak at a Trillium Gift of Life event about organ donation, a topic that is very near and dear to her. She was absolutely wonderful as we prepared for the event and was dedicated to the cause.
  • Whether through direct patient care or collaborating with different departments, Diana brings a “can do” approach. She's thoughtful, considerate of others and caring… the true hallmarks professionalism in healthcare.
  • Diana has had a lot on the go through her direct care activities and her advocacy with the Trillium Gift of Life network. Her respect comes from balancing all of these needs, and focusing on how she can positively contribute to other's lives.
  • Diana is a wonderful care provider and a fabulous ambassador of the hospital.

Diana has grown and developed her skills as an MRT over the course of her career from general radiography to MRI and into leadership roles. She has grown in skills and experience to become the team lead of MRI and was recently requested to expand her leadership to the medical imaging clerical group. She has taken these opportunities to demonstrate that she is truly a subject matter expert in her areas and can be relied upon to provide counsel and crucial safety and practice information.

She is an advocate not only for the imaging profession, but healthcare workers as a whole!