Posted: October 6, 2020

This summer we asked our community to participate in a COVID-19 Lessons Learned Survey to help us better understand the hospital’s initial response to the pandemic. We promised we would get back to you with results, and we are pleased to share them below.

Over a two week period in July, we gathered a total of 102 surveys from the community! Responses offered a high-level view on what went well, and what GRH could improve on.

Here are the top three findings:

1. GRH’s communication with the community was well appreciated. As a result those who needed to come to the hospital felt safe to do so and understood why immediate changes were made, including changes to the visitor policies.

2. Although changes were understood, you said having a loved one present when requiring services at the hospital would have been better appreciated.

3. Overall, you were grateful for GRH and the care we provided to the most vulnerable of our community.

A full summary of the findings can be found in the infographic below. You can also view the infographic here [opens new window].

If you have questions, please email us at

Img 20200921 Infographic Covidlessons Learned Community