Posted: December 24, 2021

Two patients have tested positive for COVID-19. The patients have not shared rooms, but have been on the same UT2North patient court.

A hospital outbreak is declared when two or more patients and/or staff test positive for a respiratory illness that was acquired in hospital within a timeframe that is consistent with the epidemiology of the disease, and when there is a link between the cases.

The outbreak has been contained to UT2North, with additional precautions implemented to ensure increased safety of all:

  • Enhanced surveillance.
  • Additional high-touch cleaning.
  • Face shields/eye protection for staff when patients won’t wear a mask.
  • Cohorting staff to one unit as much as possible.
  • Temporarily suspending in person care partner visits to the unit and working with enhanced virtual and phone connections for patients and families.
    • At this time, Care Partners are still welcome on UT2East.
  • Temporarily closing admissions to the unit.

The hospital has reached out to patients and team members who may have been at risk of exposure. We wish these patients a safe and speedy recovery. The safety and wellbeing of our team members and patients is our top priority.