Grand River Hospital is dedicated to improving care through research and innovation.

We believe that research:

  • enables high performance programs, services, and systems;
  • nurtures effective and collaborative relationships; and
  • promotes best practice through innovation and collaboration.

To this end, we take part in and lead a number of research projects to ensure that we remain at the forefront of best practice in care and service provisions.

Additionally, various departments within GRH collaborate within academia, as well as government and private agencies to participate in the conduct of clinical trials that contribute to improve patient care. 

Research partnerships

The University of Waterloo

We are proud to have a formal research partnership with the University of Waterloo to enable academics and clinicians to collaborate on research that will benefit patient care and enrich university research. This partnership was launched in 2015.

Network of Networks (N2)

As of 2018, GRH is a partner organization of the Network of Networks (N2), a not-for-profit incorporated organization and alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity. As a member of N2, GRH has access to best-in-class tools, and a forum to share experience, expertise and best practices, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) which bring higher quality standards to how we conduct clinical research.

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