Grand River Hospital’s Board of Directors includes the following individuals. In addition to attending monthly Board meetings, members also take part in several committees focusing on specific areas of the hospital’s activities.

Our 2020-21 Board members include:
  • Dr. Harry Hoediono, Chair
  • Ms. Sandra Hanmer, First Vice-Chair
  • Mr. David Graham, Second Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Gary Pooley, Treasurer
  • Mr. Ron Gagnon, Secretary, Ex-Officio- President and CEO
  • Ms. Janice Deganis, Past Chair
  • Dr. Peter Potts, Ex-officio- Joint Chief of Staff, Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital
  • Ms. Robinne Hauck, Ex-officio- Interim Chief Nursing Executive
  • Mr. Jim Erb
  • Mr. Rob Hall
  • Mr. Larry Kotseff
  • Mr. Ken Seiling
  • Mr. Paul Singh
  • Ms. Rita Westbrook
  • Ms. Karen Wetteskind
  • Mr. Xavier Vallverdu

Our 2020-21 Board committees and sub-committees include the following individuals: 

Resources Committee:

  • Gary Pooley (Chair)
  • Rob Hall
  • Xavier Vallverdu
  • Karen Wetteskind
  • Elaine Leung (Community Member)
  • Kirk Miller (Community Member)

Quality and Patient Safety Committee:

  • David Graham(Chair)
  • Jim Erb
  • Larry Kotseff
  • Rita Westbrook
  • Kari Sootiens (Appointed Staff Representative)
  • Joanne MacPhail (Community Member)
  • Caroline Meyer (Community Member)
  • Jen Vasic (Community Member)
  • Dianne Wilbee (Community Member)

Governance and Community Engagement Committee:

  • Sandra Hanmer (Chair)
  • Larry Kotseff
  • Xavier Vallverdu
  • Jim Harper (Community Member)

Audit Committee:

  • Rob Hall (Chair)
  • Janice Deganis
  • Larry Kotseff
  • Gary Pooley
  • Ted Bleaney (Community Member)
  • Jim Harper (Community Member)
  • Christopher O'Connor (Community Member)

Pension Committee (sub-committee of Resources Committee):

  • Xavier Vallverdu (Chair)
  • Rob Hall
  • Gary Pooley
  • Ted Bleaney (Community Member)
  • Doug Brock (Community Member)
  • Robin Stanton (Community Member)

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Harry Hoediono
  • Past Chair: Janice Deganis
  • First Vice-Chair: Sandra Hanmer
  • Second Vice-Chair: David Graham
  • Treasurer: Gary Pooley