Quality suppliers will:

  • Provide quality goods and services that consistently meet or exceed Grand River Hospital requirements and expectations;
  • Promote cost reduction while maintaining or improving quality;
  • Ensure pricing is competitive;
  • Ensure timely deliveries;
  • Provide technical assistance; and
  • Engage in ethical business practices at all times in their dealings with Grand River Hospital.
Electrical equipment

All equipment purchased by the Hospital must be CSA approved and inspected by an electrician or biomedical technologist prior to delivery or installation in the user department.

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)

Suppliers are expected to provide two copies of current material safety data sheets and appropriate labels with each delivery of controlled products (defined by WHMIS legislation). This applies to all ordered products as well as any substitutes approved by the purchasing department, and products supplied for evaluation.


Grand River Hospital standards exist for medical supplies, some medical equipment, furnishings and computer equipment. The purchasing department works collaboratively with various other support departments to periodically review and/or update existing standards.

Buy Canadian

The Hospital buys Canadian content goods whenever products are backed by acceptable service and sold at competitive prices. Whenever possible, purchasing seeks Canadian suppliers who meet these requirements.

Medical alerts and product recalls

Medical alerts should be directed to the biomedical department. Product recalls should be directed to the purchasing department. The biomedical and purchasing departments will initiate follow-up action with the appropriate departments concerned with the alert/recall.

Suspension or termination of business

The purchasing department mandate, on behalf of Grand River Hospital, is to ensure that suppliers and contractors provide the best possible value with respect to quality and safety of products and services. Suppliers and contractors, at the discretion of the Hospital, who do not subscribe to high quality products and services, or who put the Hospital and its staff, patients and visitors at risk, may have their ability to bid on products, work or services suspended or terminated.