It is the policy of Grand River Hospital to treat its vendors fairly and honestly. Purchasing personnel conduct business according to ethical standards promoted by the Ontario Public Buyers Association and the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. Standards include:

  1. To consider first, the interest of one’s organization in all transactions and to carry out and believe in its established policies.
  2. To be receptive to competent counsel from one’s colleagues and be guided by such counsel without impairing the responsibility of one’s office.
  3. The buy without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  4. To strive for increased knowledge of the materials and processes of manufacture, and to establish practical procedures for the performance of one’s responsibilities.
  5. To participate in professional development programs so that one’s purchasing knowledge and performance are enhanced.
  6. To subscribe to and work for honesty in buying and selling, and to denounce all forms of improper business practice.
  7. To accord a prompt and courteous reception to all who call on a legitimate business mission.
  8. To abide by and to encourage others to practice the Professional Code of Ethics of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada and its affiliated Institutes and Corporation.
  9. To counsel and assist fellow purchasers in the performance of their duties.
  10. To cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in activities which enhance the development and standing of purchasing and materials management.

Acceptance of gifts from vendors other than items of small intrinsic value, such as business diaries, pens or calendars, is prohibited by Hospital policy. Funds normally directed to gifts and hospitality are best directed toward cost containment for products, systems and services to the overall benefit of the Hospital.

Any company wishing to direct funds or gifts-in-kind to the Hospital can make a contribution to the Grand River Hospital Foundation by contacting 519-749-4205. Procurement practices will not be influenced by donor status.

Personal purchases for individuals associated with the Hospital will not be processed through the Purchasing Department or accepted in Receiving.

The Hospital participates in group purchasing as a shareholder of Medbuy Corporation and subscribes to the commitment and compliance policies of that corporation. The Hospital also participates in other group purchasing initiatives not covered by Medbuy when such participation provides cost benefits.

It is the policy of Grand River Hospital to purchase goods and services through competitive bidding whenever possible. Exceptions to this policy for cause must be thoroughly documented and approved in advance.

Authority and responsibility for the selection of reputable suppliers rests with the Purchasing Department. A vendor qualification program may at times be used for prequalifying or selecting suppliers and contractors to provide products and services to the Hospital.

For all tender calls having a value of $100,000 or more, hospitals are required to advertise on the Provincial Electronic Trading System and allow for a minimum three-week response time.

By policy, only authorized Grand River Hospital personnel can commit Hospital funds for goods and services. All commitments for purchases must include the issuance of a purchase order.

Purchase orders are issued and signed by purchasing personnel except in the case of Pharmacy and Food Services.

The purchase of all equipment is subject to an internal capital approval process.

It is the policy of Grand River Hospital that no one can approve actions taken on behalf of themselves, whether that approval is primary or delegated.

The confidentiality of information received in the course of duty must be protected and should not be used for personal gain. Also, any information given in the course of duty should be true and fair and not designed to mislead.