Your privacy:

Your privacy is important to us. Patients are given a ‘privacy code’ number which they may share with a couple of people to serve as family spokespeople.

When your family and friends call, they will be asked for the patient name and privacy code number. This lets staff know that you have given your permission to share general health information about you. Even without the code, staff may confirm your presence and disclose your location, unless you say not to.

You may be asked to sign special consent forms that will allow us to release any of your information to others outside of your circle of care. Your circle of care is made up of individuals and activities that are involved in your care and treatment. For example your treatment team and your family doctor.

The things that you say or do during your stay are considered confidential and we treat your information with respect. However, information can be shared without your consent in situations where there is a serious risk of harm to someone or as required by law.

Your safety:

The safety of everyone (you, other patients and our team) is our priority. We have many different supports and procedures that we use to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some of them:

Access and gathering

  • The unit is locked. Access in and out of the unit is granted by a staff member;
  • All patients must sign in/out of the unit;
  • Visitors identify themselves prior to entrance to the unit and must sign in/out at the reception desk; and
  • Patients may socialize in common areas only.


  • Staff will check belongings on admission, when you return from time off the unit and periodically throughout your stay;
  • Room and bathroom checks are done regularly;
  • Items considered potentially unsafe or dangerous (i.e. sharps, cigarettes, lighters, plastic bags, belts, cords) will be secured or sent home;
  • Alcohol and non-prescription drug use is not permitted;
  • All valuables should be sent home. We cannot take responsibility for lost, broken, or stolen belongings;
  • Do not to borrow others’ or lend your own belongings to others during your admission; and
  • No cameras or electronic devices that take pictures are allowed on the unit. This is for your privacy and that of your fellow patients.

Your health

  • Wash your hands regularly. Good hand hygiene helps keep you healthy and control the spread of infectious diseases;
  • Wear your hospital identification wristbands at all times. Please do not remove these wristbands;
  • To reduce slips and falls please wear non-slip footwear. Let staff know if you fall, if you are afraid of falling or if you feel weak or dizzy;
  • No smoking is permitted on hospital property. Please speak to staff for more information and possible nicotine replacement options; and
  • The hospital has a scent-free policy.

We can all contribute to a safe environment. If you feel uncomfortable, feel there is an issue that is unsafe for you or for others, experience an injury of any kind or have a suggestion, please let your care team know.

What to bring:

We encourage you to bring:

  • Any medications you are taking;
  • Personal toiletries (for example, brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, feminine hygiene products);
  • A three or four-day wardrobe of casual, comfortable clothing;
  • Sleepwear (for example, robe, pajamas or gown);
  • Comfortable non-slip shoes or running shoes and non-slip slippers. Non-slip shoes are to help prevent falls;
  • Assistive devices such as a cane, walker, hearing aid, eyeglasses;
  • A small amount of cash (including change) for phones, vending machines, stamps, newspapers, snacks, etc
  • Reading material, writing paper, small hobby supplies (except sharp objects like scissors or sewing needles ).
Going outside of the unit:

You may have times to go off the unit. Your doctor, your care team and you will make that decision to support returning to normal activities and to see how your might do when you leave the hospital.

Snacks and meals:

Meals are eaten in the cafeteria except under special circumstances.


Laundry facilities are available free of charge. Please bring your own laundry soap.

Telephone calls:

Pay phones are available for local calls. Please ask where the nearest phone is located. Inpatient rooms do not have telephones. Incoming calls may be received between 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. to 519-749-4300 ext. 2313 or ext. 3813.

Visiting hours:
  • Monday to Friday 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Weekends and Holidays 1:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • In certain circumstances, staff may restrict visitors.