Posted: March 20, 2023

Kidney disease affects 1 in 10 Canadians and close to 30,000 Canadians receive dialysis treatment to manage their condition. In honour of Kidney Awareness Month, Grand River Hospital is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at a hemodialysis treatment at our KW Campus.

This 30-minute livestream will take place with patient Brenden and his care team as he receives his daily hemodialysis treatment. If you’ve ever been curious about kidney disease, dialysis, or the care experience for renal patients at GRH, join us! Brenden and his care team are available to answer your questions live!*

This livestream is for students, medical learners, nurses, allied health, people who are living with or have loved ones with kidney disease, or anyone curious about the dialysis process.

Watch the livestream replay below:

Looking for more kidney care resources? Click here to learn more [opens new tab].

*No specific clinical advice will be provided during the livestream. If you have concerns about your kidney health, please see your family physician to determine if a specialist referral is recommended.