Grand River Hospital has introduced a number of SCOPE Pathways to guide care providers and seamlessly connect patients with the most appropriate hospital resource to support their health needs.

SCOPE provides a single point of access between primary/community care and the hospital through a Nurse Navigator whose role is to connect patients with complex needs to the most appropriate resources, as quickly as possible.

By providing aided and streamlined access, we hope to reduce wait times, unnecessary Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions.

Current SCOPE pathways available to assist your patients:
Refer a patient through SCOPE:
  • Phone: 226-972-5025
  • Email:
  • Ocean referral: St. Mary's KW4 SCOPE Program GRH/SMGH

*The SCOPE Nurse Navigator is available Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm with most referrals are actioned within one hour.

You may not see the SCOPE pathway you are looking for. When this happens, please continue to refer to SCOPE; the Nurse Navigator can still help to connect your patients to the right resources, with or without a defined pathway. As new pathways are developed, we will share them here.