Our research priorities

The Office of Research and Innovation focuses on participating in applied research that improves the way we deliver patient care at GRH.   

Our research priorities are: Aging, Chronic Disease, and Technology Innovation

Aging Well and Older Adult Care

This priority aims to enable earlier detection of health issues, improve diagnosis and treatment with the goal of improving health and well-being of older adults. 

Key research themes of focus include clinical assessment and diagnostics that enable early detection/identification of risk factors for poor health outcomes; rehabilitation back to healthy living; nutrition; pain management; mental health/wellness; and social isolation. 

Chronic Diseases – Cancer Care

This priority builds on a strong history of participation in clinical trials in the care and treatment of patients with cancer diagnoses. Through this priority, clinicians continue to participate in clinical trials and innovations in cancer screening, diagnoses and radiation treatment. These trials also include a research focus on prevention strategies and more effectively supporting people with cancer in their health care experience and cancer journey.  

Key research themes include measurement and improvement in patient-reported outcomes of their experience with care; continued investigation in clinical trials; early detection; diagnosis and treatment; proactive management of modifiable risk factors; and supportive interventions of patients and families from diagnosis to recover/survivorship and/or end-of-life care. 

Technology Innovation 

This priority places a focus on safer care environments, biomedical engineering innovations, digital information management and electronic information systems.  

Key research themes include wearable technology to monitor patient condition and two-way communication; secure transfer of personal health information; infection prevention and control; safer medication management; and falls prevention.

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