The KW Campus has five key entrances for patients and families.

The revolving door of GRH's main entrance
The revolving door of GRH's main entrance
Main entrance (revolving door)

The main entrance is at 835 King Street West. It has a revolving door. Visitors, people arriving for day procedures and others are welcome to use this entrance. It is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. Once inside, you will be on the third floor of the hospital. Two of the more common areas to access are on the second floor: patient registration and medical imaging.

After 11 p.m. urgent visitors, medical imaging, and labour and delivery patients must enter through the emergency department. Once inside, you will be on the second floor of the hospital.

GRH's emergency department entrance
GRH's emergency department entrance, at King Street West and Pine Street.
Emergency entrance (King Street West at Pine Street)

The hospital’s emergency entrance is at the intersection of King Street West and Pine Street. It is open around the clock.

Grand River Regional Cancer Centre entrance
GRH's cancer centre entrance, just to the east (or to the left) of the revolving door main hospital entrance.
Cancer centre entrance

GRH’s regional cancer centre is to the left (east) of the main hospital entrance. It’s for adult cancer patients coming to GRH for cancer testing, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other procedures.

It’s open every weekday through business hours.

A sign of GRH's KW Campus mental health entrance
GRH's mental health entrance, located off Mount Hope Street between King and Park streets.
Mental health entrance (units also accessible from the hospital's main revolving door entrance)

Access to GRH’s mental health units and services is available from the front entrance, as well as a dedicated entrance and parking lot off Mount Hope Street.

If you are entering from the main entrance of the building, you will need to take the elevators from the third floor down to the first. Then go to the F wing for adult inpatient mental health, or the G wing for child and adolescent mental health.

A sign of GRH's Kaufman Building
The Forty Green Building, at 40 Green Street
The Forty Green (Kaufman) Building- 40 Green Street

The Forty Green building offers several outpatient services. These include secondary stroke prevention, diabetes education, infection prevention and control, and several physicians’ offices. A dedicated parking lot and accessible entrance are available for you here.