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While your child is in hospital, many health care professionals provide care to them. The following professionals, as well as volunteers, are the people you will see most often: 

  • child life specialist works with you and your family to help make your child’s stay less stressful. They plan fun activities, games and other distractions and assist the care team with procedures.
  • clinical secretary answers the phone, lets you into the unit and is the main contact at the communication center. 
  • dietitian reviews your child’s nutritional needs while in hospital and at discharge. 
  • pediatrician is a doctor with special training and expertise in caring for children from newborn to 18 years of age. 
  • laboratory technician takes blood samples from your child to help in diagnosis and treatment. 
  • lactation consultant is a registered nurse who has specialized expertise in breastfeeding. They are available to help with breastfeeding as needed.
  • nurse is assigned to your child each shift. The name of your child’s nurse will be posted on the door of their room. There is also a resource nurse or charge nurse on duty each shift. Nurses from other areas may come to help take blood samples or start an intravenous line.
  • pharmacist oversees your child’s medications. They are available most days to answer any questions you may have.
  • physiotherapist provides care for a variety of respiratory, orthopedic and developmental conditions.
  • respiratory therapist will visit your child if there are any concerns with breathing. 
  • social worker is available to help you, or your child cope with stressful situations during your child’s hospital stay.
  • Spiritual care providers can support you or your child when questions of hope, meaning, or beliefs come up during your time in the hospital.
  • We're also pleased to have several volunteers who donate their time to support exceptional patient care.