What restroom facilities are available?

There is a public washroom, including a shower for parents’ use, in the children’s unit. Parents and visitors are asked to use this washroom. Bathrooms in patient rooms are for patients only. However, if the patient is still in diapers or in isolation, the parent/caregiver may use the washroom in their child’s room. There are also public washrooms in the hallway just outside of the children’s unit.

Is there a telephone I can use?

Yes. A pay phone is located in the family room for your use. To use the phone in your child’s room, dial “0” and ask switchboard to have the phone hooked up. Hospitality Network staff will explain the costs of this service as well as internet access. You can reach them by dialing extension 5353 on the phone in your child’s room. 

Cellular devices cannot be used if they interfere with patient care. The electronic monitoring devices may be affected.  Please do not use cellular devices, especially if requested by staff. 

Are there televisions/computers available?

Yes. Each bed is equipped with a television at no charge. Our child life specialist can also provide your child with age appropriate movies and games.

Computer/internet access is available in the family room for parents on a shared basis to access health information and their business emails if required. Internet access for personal laptops is available for a fee. Instructions are available when you start your computer.
You will see nurses using computers throughout the unit. These computers are for nurses only to enter patient information.

Where can we get food?
  • Menus will be delivered to your child each morning to fill out for the following day. Meals are delivered to your child’s room at approximately 8 am, noon and 5 pm.
  • There is a small kitchen area on the unit that has drinks, snacks and baby food. These are for the patients only. 
  • There is ice/water available for your use.
  • There is also a refrigerator and microwave for your use in the family room. Please make sure you label your food with your name and your child’s room number. Housekeeping monitors the food in the fridge and will dispose of any unlabeled food. 
Is there an area outside the hospital where I can smoke?

As of April 2nd 2013, GRH became a tobacco free hospital. If you wish to smoke or use tobacco, please do so off the hospital property. Our Health Care Centre Pharmacy has products available for purchase to help you quit smoking.

Where can I park at the hospital?

Parents with a child in hospital are eligible for reduced parking fees. Information and an application form is available at the central communication desk in the children's unit (displayed on the blue pillar). The hospital cashier will process your application. She is available off the main lobby Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm. Visit our parking page for more information.