We are looking for Emergency Department Patient and Family Advisors to improve care and the patient experience

We are looking for people who have had experiences in our emergency department as a patient, or as someone who supported a patient to share their unique perspective, and tell us about the quality of care we provided. This feedback will be used to help us improve the quality of the care we provide at Grand River Hospital and the experiences of patients and families. Those who are selected would become a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA).

What is a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA)?

A PFA is a patient, or someone who supported a patient (family member, care giver) who has had an experience at the hospital, and who is working in partnership with staff at the hospital to provide feedback and information to improve processes and the quality of care and experiences within a hospital program or service. In this case, in the emergency department.

What does a PFA do?i

As a PFA, you will be asked to:

  • Share your experiences with the emergency department at meetings, councils, committees;
  • Provide insight into all patient interests, needs, and backgrounds beyond your own experience (where possible);
  • Provide input and make recommendations based on your experience(s) in the emergency department;
  • Participate in designing, planning and improving health care services and processes;
  • Determine ways that we can measure the success of the changes we make together; and
  • Help determine discussion topics and meeting objectives.

PFA’s may also be asked to join other meetings at the hospital to share their care experience.

Qualifications - We are looking for individuals that have:

  1. Current or previous experience (either as patients, family members, or caregivers of patients) preferably in Waterloo Wellington;
  2. Some experience serving on a committee or group (professional or voluntary);
  3. Though not required, it is preferred that PFA’s:
    1. Speak, write, and read English (accommodation for other languages will be considered); and
    2. Have internet access (other modes of communication can be used upon request).

To reflect the cultural and social diversity of the patients and families who regularly use and experience the emergency department, we encourage patients and families of all backgrounds and ages to consider becoming a PFA.

For more information and to apply, please contact Sarah Sullivan:

Email Sarah