Surface parking lots

GRH offers pay and display parking in four areas. Effective August 14, 2023, our rates to $3.75 per half hour, to a daily maximum of $15.75. The lots are located in:

  • The main driveway loop;
  • The Forty Green Building parking lot;
  • The emergency parking lot; and
  • The Mount Hope parking lot accessing mental health services.

To avoid a parking ticket, please keep in mind the following:

  • Pay before you enter the hospital at any of the pay and display machines located around the property. The machines accept coins and credit cards;
  • Once payment is processed you will receive a receipt and parking stub showing you’ve paid and the time and date your parking expires. Put that stub face up on the dashboard of your car;
  • There are accessible permit only spots located in each of the lots. Payment is required when parking in an accessible permit only spot; and
  • If you are having trouble with the pay and display machine please contact Precise Park Link at 1-888-783-7275 and Grand River Hospital parking and security at 519-749-4300 extension 2883.
Parking garage

Short and long term parking is available in the parking garage. Rates are $3.75 per half hour, to a daily maximum of $15.75

You can pay for the daily ticket at either of the two pay machines on the first level of the parking garage with cash, coin or credit card. Payment can also be made for the daily ticket at the exit gates with a credit card only.

If the parking garage is full, there is a grace period on the ticket you received from the entry gate that will allow you to exit at no charge.

You can buy longer term passes from either of the two pay machines on the first level of the parking garage with cash, coin or a credit card.

The day pass, weekly and monthly passes must be inserted at the entry gate to work at the exit gates. In and out privileges are available with all passes.

Please click here for more information about long-term parking passes and discounted parking rates.

Garage passes are valid only for the parking garage.

Please visit to learn more about parking options at KW Campus.

Accessible parking
  • The first floor of the garage is designated parking for renal patients, oncology outpatients with valid permits only and accessible parking permit holders;
  • There are two accessible permit only spots located on both the third and fifth floors; and
  • Direct elevator access is available from the first, third, fifth and seventh levels only. Stair access to the elevator is available from the second, fourth, sixth and eighth levels.