We offers resources to help parents as their babies receive care. 

Courtesy rooms and washrooms/showers are shared facilities designated for use by parents only. These rooms provide parents with a place to rest/sleep while establishing feeding routines with their baby. Parents find this 24-hour access to their baby helpful when creating a feeding routine before discharge. Rooms are available based on the needs of each baby.

The care-by-parent room provides a home-like environment for parents/caregivers to learn their infant’s routine prior to discharge. The availability of these rooms is assessed daily. You may be able to stay one night and then be asked to give another mom the opportunity to stay overnight. Please discuss your use of the rooms with your baby’s physician and nurse.

Family lounge and washroom

The NICU family lounge is available to provide a sitting area away from the baby's bedside for caregivers and the baby's siblings. In this room, there is a refrigerator, microwave, kettle, toaster, TV with DVD/VCR, telephone, computer and a toy area for family use. 

No food or dishes/utensils are provided. If you place food in the refrigerator, please make sure it is labelled. Unlabelled food will be disposed of by housekeeping staff. There is a washroom located within the lounge for family use. 

For safety reasons, your hospitalized baby is not permitted to visit with you in the lounge.

Other hospital resources

Telephones: there are payphones available in the hallway outside the main entrance of the NICU. There is also a telephone in the parents’ lounge for local outgoing calls.