In our NICU, a key priority is the safety and well-being of our young patients and their families. Here is how we’re working to maintain a safe environment, and some suggestions for parents and visitors on how you can help.

Infection control

Proper hand hygiene is essential. Your baby and others in NICU need to be protected from infections. Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water when entering the unit, before and after contact with your baby and on leaving the unit. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the unit. This can be used between hand-washings if your hands are not visibly dirty. 

As parents, it is important to be aware of your own health history. Two common childhood illnesses, chicken pox and measles, can seriously affect your baby’s health. Common colds, cold sores and stomach flu can also cause serious infections in infants. Please do not visit if you have a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, sore throat, runny nose, skin rash or feel unwell. Please screen your visitors for these conditions to protect all babies in the NICU. 

If you are in doubt, please call the NICU before visiting at 519-749-4300, extension 2348. In the case of visitors or siblings, please discuss the situation with your baby’s nurse. 


To make sure our patients are safe, the unit is locked to public access. You will need to use the phone outside the sliding glass doors to gain entrance to the unit/courtesy rooms. 

When your baby is admitted to the NICU, babies and their parent(s) and/or designated support person(s) are issued matching numbered ID bands. These bands must be worn while the baby is in hospital. Exceptions are made only for those who need to remove the band for work safety reasons. In this case the bands must be accessible (in wallet) for presentation at each visit. 

Please expect all baby care providers to double-check the information on these bands prior to providing care, giving medications or feeding.

Staff who care for infants and children wear badges with a pink frame around their picture and a bear logo. Always ask staff to identify themselves if their ID badge is not visible.

No one will be permitted to visit or receive information about you or your baby without your express permission.

To protect your baby from falls, it is important that you always transport them in a bassinette rather than in your arms.