We're excited to offer you the opportunity to grow your nursing career at Grand River Hospital. Grand River Hospital (GRH) is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, with 15 clinical programs and services including regional programs for cancer, renal (kidney) care, and stroke. We provides innovative, quality care to more than 700,000 residents of Waterloo Region and Guelph Wellington.

Every year, we offer hundreds of nursing students clinical placements and learning opportunities in 11 of our clinical programs:

  • Cancer Program (inpatient care and outpatient clinics)
  • Childbirth
  • Children’s Program (including neo-natal intensive care)
  • Complex Continuing Care
  • Critical Care (ICU)
  • Emergency
  • Medicine (opportunities in multiple units, including the nursing float pool)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health and Addictions (inpatient care and outpatient clinics for adults, children, and adolescents)
  • Stroke Program
  • Surgery (including the operating room, inpatient care and outpatient clinics)

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Our goal is to help you become the best nurse you can be. Join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GRH nursing placement like?

Our nursing students are matched with a knowledgeable and qualified preceptor for the duration of your placement. Working alongside this preceptor, you'll have the opportunity to build your clinical nursing skills. We do our best to place you in the unit of your choice, including specialty units like the operating room, neo-natal intensive care, or childbirth.

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How can I arrange a placement?

Student placements are arranged through the GRH Professional Practice Coordinator at GRH and the placement office at your academic institution. If you have obtained a placement at GRH, the placement office at your academic institution will send you details on where you have been placed at GRH once this has been confirmed.

What do I do once my placement has been confirmed?

If your placement at GRH has been confirmed, you will need to complete the GRH welcome package pertaining to your placement. This information is included below.

It is important that you complete the correct package. If you are unsure of which package to complete, please contact GRH's placement coordinator or the placement office at your academic institution.

As part of your registration you will be asked to complete:

  • Online mandatory eLearn training through our Edge portal
  • Proof of immunization
  • Respiratory fit testing (N95). Please ensure you check the GRH N95 types as you will need to be fitted to a size we stock. You can find this information in your GRH student package.
  • Vulnerable Sector Screening Criminal Record Check
  • Health Information System Training - GRH uses Cerner Millennium for clinical documentation. You only need to complete this training once. If you have been placed on one of our specialty units such as Childbirth, Emergency or the OR, additional training will be required.

Please note: Registration packages should be submitted 4 weeks prior to your start date. If this isn’t possible please ensure you speak to the Professional Practice Coordinator. Placements can’t begin until all pre-placement requirements have been completed and you have been cleared by the Professional Practice Coordinator.

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Students from other academic institutions: Click here for your placement package

Other questions?

If you have any questions regarding your placement at Grand River Hospital, please contact the placement office at your academic institition or GRH's Professional Practice Coordinator at student.coordinator@grhosp.on.ca