Posted: September 10, 2021

For Naumana Mahmood, a Western University student enrolled in the Clinical Trials Management program, her internship through the Office of Innovation and Research (OIR) at Grand River Hospital (GRH) gave her the opportunity to work as a Clinical Trial Associate Assistant.

“I would highly recommend a summer internship at Grand River Hospital in the clinical trials department,” she says. “There are so many different learning opportunities here. Just over the past few months, I learned how to conduct a retrospective study so I was able to shadow all of the different associates and through this I learned some of the administrative tasks that are always done in the hospital. Overall this experience alone has impacted my future career path because I was given the responsibility to learn and do a study on my own which gave me a good understanding of how my work life would possibly be in the future as a Clinical Trial Associate.”

“By working on this study,” Mahmood continues, “I got to learn how to read and understand different study protocol and I also learned a lot of new things about cancer and the role that nurses and clinical associates play in a hospital setting in clinical trials. I also learned how to read patient charts and doctor's notes through programs such as Cerner and Opus and I was also able to learn how to use a data entry program.”

During her internship, she worked under the supervision of Carla Girolametto, Director of Innovation and Research and Clinical Trials with generous funding for her internship gifted by Cerner Canada.

“I also got to see how the ethical aspect works in the clinical trials and… shadow and do the patient visits with the associates in the hospital. I got to attend different site initiation visits and monitor visits and I also learned how to make source documents. So, overall I got to experience a lot of different aspects of clinical trials in such a short time and I think I'm ending my internship with a lot of valuable experience that will definitely help me.”

At the completion of her summer internship, Mahmood is grateful for her time at Grand River Hospital.

“I'd… like to say thank you to Carla, Sarah [Laferierre, Office of Innovation and Research Administrator], Carol [Ballantyne] and all the other clinical associates who took the time out of their busy day to help me learn new things. Cerner Canada's generous support allowed me to be a part of this amazing project. This funding gave me the opportunity to build my clinical research skills at Grand River Hospital and donations in support of innovation and research allow Grand River Hospital to play a leading role in training the next generation of researchers and clinicians. Thank you Cerner Canada. By supporting innovation and research you are lighting the spark that ignites new discoveries and a healthier future for us all.”

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