Being in intensive care is difficult for patients, but also for loved ones.

GRH values the support and help of family members. Here are some ways you can help a loved one receiving care at the hospital:

  • please take patient valuables and belongings home with you. You may be asked to bring personal items in for your loved one.
  • to provide the best care, we’ll need a list of all current medications the patient is taking. Please bring an up-to-date list of all medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements/remedies, as well as the patient’s primary pharmacy information.
  • for patient and staff well-being, please do not wear/use scented products.
  • please use your cell phone in the family lounge or at the hospital’s main entrance only.
  • due to allergies, balloons and flowers are not accepted in either ICU.

Caring for yourself during the illness of a loved one is hard, but important. Here are some ways you can help yourself:

  • Make healthy food choices; avoid foods that will upset your stomach;
  • Rest and get enough sleep;
  • Get emotional support from those around you. Our spiritual care team is available to help;
  • Avoid excess smoking, coffee, and alcohol;
  • Accept offers of assistance from friends and family; and
  • Talk about your loved one and share your feelings and fears.

You may find it hard to leave the hospital while your loved one is here. Ask the nurse to help you find a suitable time to take a break and return home or to a nearby hotel.

For families of patients in ICU A, there is a quiet room located in the waiting area available for use by family members. This room is shared by all families within the 20 bed unit. Please speak to one of the staff members about using the quiet room.