Posted: April 6, 2021

Oncology Nursing Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of April and is a day to recognize the incredible role that oncology nurses play within the healthcare system. Oncology nurses are on the front line of cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and research . Within the integrated cancer program at GRH we have specialized oncology nurses who hold a variety of roles: nurse navigator, oncology clinic nurses, systemic therapy nurses, inpatient oncology nurses, educator nurse practitioners, and leadership. Each play a vital role in the navigation, education and support of patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.

The Oncology nursing program at GRH/GRRCC supports: 38 inpatient nurses, 31 clinic nurses, 29 nurses in the systemic therapy suite, 4 RPN’s, 4 nurse practitioners and 1 nurse navigator. There are 35 CNA certified nurses in the oncology program (with another 7 obtaining certification this spring) and 60 nurses who are chemo certified. There have been many nurses who have completed additional oncology education and that dedication to ongoing education is the foundation of oncology nursing.

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of care and process that occurs within the walls of the oncology program. Throughout it all, the oncology nurses have been at the front lines to assess and provide in-person care for patients, rapidly pivoting to telepractice models, changing models of care, modifying workspaces, and the ever changing IPAC processes, but throughout it all, kept the patient at the focus of their care and never lost sight of the important role that they play in supporting our patients.

On Oncology Nursing Day, this year more than ever, we want to thank you for your dedication, continuing education, and advocacy for excellent patient care.

Happy Oncology Nursing Day!

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