Posted: May 4, 2017
Min Liu

Family can play a powerful role in inspiring a career path.

For Min Liu, her aunt’s stories of compassionate care in childbirth made midwifery a natural choice.

Min is one of GRH’s registered midwives supporting care in Waterloo Region’s busiest childbirth program. She supports the health needs of women through their pregnancy, at birth and several months afterward.

Min is passionate about women's health, and believes providing clients with supportive, personalized care throughout childbearing can impact their experiences positively as women and mothers.

Min is also skilled at expecting the unexpected, and supporting women through childbirth challenges. At the end of the day, the rewards of welcoming a new life are amazing.

How did you become a midwife?

I began my midwifery training in China in 1991. In addition to the three-year midwifery program education, I had many years working experience as a registered midwife in hospital.

After I moved to Canada, I entered the IMPP (International Midwifery Pre-registration Program) at Ryerson University. I graduated with an even stronger commitment to midwifery and started my practice in Waterloo Region in 2010.

Why did you choose midwifery over other health careers?

My interest to healthcare and desire to work with women was really awakened by my closest aunt, who worked as a midwife in China.

Her stories of providing exceptional care of bringing babies into the world safely and helping women to have positive birth experience inspired me. There is also growing demand for midwives across the province. 

What do you enjoy about it? 

Nothing is more rewarding than welcoming a new life into the world. I'm dedicated to my career, and get rewarded by helping delivering babies safely. 

What keeps you challenged during your work days? 

Not every delivery goes according to plan. Sometimes unexpected situations arise, and emergencies happen. I'm a trained caregiver to handle emergency situations. 

What do you enjoy about practice with the childbirth team at GRH?

The childbirth team at GRH has always gone above and beyond on providing excellent care to women, infants and their families. I really enjoy the inter-professional teamwork, clear organizational structure, adequate resource and support, and cooperation on the unit. 

How do you see midwifery continuing to evolve? 

I support making changes to remove barriers for the delivery of safe, woman-centered and quality midwifery care, and to outline best practices for improving client experience in the health care system. Midwives have organizational structures and a regulatory body as our profession evolves.

What would you like the community to know about midwives? 

Choosing midwifery care means you're choosing a unique style of maternity care which is focused on pregnancy and birth as a normal healthy process. It is a model of care based on the principles of informed choice, continuity of care, and the choice of a birth place for your baby.

Min Liu Chb Room
Min stands in one of GRH's childbirth suites.

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