Posted: May 5, 2023

Grand River Hospital employs over 1800 nurses who work in a variety of programs and roles from bedside to administration and beyond. As part of Nursing Week 2023, GRH is proud to share a series featuring a few of the many different nursing roles you may not know about including our Telemedicine Nurses.

Img 20230508 Nursing Week Telemedicine Nurses
GRH's telemedicine team includes Nancy Halstead, Telemedicine Nurse and Ana Avalos, Telemedicine Coordinator

As healthcare advances, nurses continue to expand in their roles. Nurses are known for being flexible and innovative and Telemedicine can offer exciting opportunities and benefits for patients while enabling nurses to be on the forefront of providing cutting-edge, quality care.

Most patients are receptive to utilizing telemedicine for treatment and the equipment required is usually easily accessible to the public. Society currently uses social media and other technology daily, therefore people are accustomed to — or expect — the same convenience in all areas of their life.

The Telemedicine program at GRH consists of the Telemedicine Coordinator and Telemedicine Nurse, we work closely together to provide and promote virtual services throughout the organization making it easier for patients to access health care.

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