Here is how we recommend family physicians proceed with referrals to mental health and addictions.


If a patient's condition is life threatening and/or they are highly unstable and/or unsafe, please send them to the emergency department using police/ambulance if necessary.  The process may include:

  • ER physician assessment;
  • Crisis clinician assessment;
  • Review with psychiatrist on call; and
  • Disposition as appropriate.

If same day intervention is required:

  • Inquire if your patient has a crisis plan;
  • Inquire if patient has a therapist/counselor who can be contacted;
  • Contact Here24/7 at 1 844 437 3247(Here247)  and TTY: 1-877-688-5501; and
  • Contact the psychiatrist on call.
For non-urgent cases

Please fax a completed referral form to 519-749-4271.

Forms are available in our central database.

For more information, please call 519-749-4310.